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Deadline: 11/03/2014
Grants are available to USA state and local government agencies, non-profits, universities, commercial organizations, and others for feasibility and planning projects needed to expand or create new business development centers designed to house private-public research and development projects,...
Deadline: 11/04/2014
Awards of up to $5,000 to recognize USA middle and high school students in grades 5-12 who have made a difference in their communities through volunteer service over the past year. The awards will be made at the local, state, and national level and will range from various forms of recognition...
Deadline: 11/05/2014
Grants to USA K-12 schools for food service equipment valued at $2,000, and youth fitness program resources valued at more than $2,500. Food service equipment includes a refrigerated cooler for serving milk, insulated bags, and carts, or a moveable kiosk with a cashier area. Physical activity...
Deadline: 11/05/2014
Grants are available to USA and territories K-12 full-time teachers for short-term professional development programs abroad. Teachers must be USA citizens, have at least five years of experience and hold a Master's degree or be currently enrolled in a Master's program. After returning home,...

About the Author: Libby Hikind

Libby Hikind is the founder of GrantWatch.com. Libby Hikind, first published NYC GrantWatch in 1999 as a weekly non-profit newsletter. She stopped publication in 2001, to run for City Council where she felt she could bring more funding dollars to NYC. After only winning the Democratic Primary election, she returned to teaching public school and continued her grant writing efforts on behalf of the non-profit community. Since retirement, Libby has worked to build GrantWatch.com. On a daily basis, Libby contacts grants' program managers, reviews numerous publications and adds new grants to the website.

Libby is also the president of PGWHC, Inc., a grant writing/development consulting firm that provides organizations with a means to develop new areas of funding in: education, disabilities, early childhood, special education, social services, employment, job training, youth, health, safety, entitlements, substance abuse, homelessness, environment, parenting, etc.

PGWHC, Inc, Professional Grant Writers & Health Consultants was first established in 1994, to provide the following services:

  • Locating available federal, state, local and foundation grants and contracts.
  • Completing needs assessments.
  • Researching literature for best practices.
  • Developing proposal plan.
  • Writing proposal narratives and developing budgets.
  • Negotiating budgets with grant officers.
  • Monitoring quality assurance, evaluating programs, preparing evaluation reports.
  • Broadening client base and increasing organizational capacity.
  • Representing organizations at significant meetings.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Professional development for organization staff.
  • Developing special projects and preparing special events.
  • Planning, organizing and facilitating conferences.
  • Marketing programs and developing organizational mail plan.
  • Developing text and graphic design for brochures and public relations materials.
  • Writing job postings and letters.
  • Preparing minutes from board meetings, writing board resolutions.
  • Preparing press releases and networking with the press for news coverage.

Libby Hikind has obtained more than 11 million in grant funding dollars. The most notable are:

Child Health Plus of Staten Island, NYS Early Intervention Center in Queens, Diagnostic & Treatment Center in Brooklyn, Parent to Parent Resource Center for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities, Caregiver Support for Family Members of Alzheimer's Patients, EDWAA, JTPA, and Community Youth Development.

PGWHC's clients includes hospitals, universities, schools, preschools, community based organizations and neighborhood coalitions.

Libby Hikind, has written both literacy and social studies NYC Department of Education school curriculum, scored the New York State English Language Arts and Math exams, participated in peer review committees for the United States Department of Education, authored four children's picture books, ran a successful primary election campaign for NYC City Council, served as a team leader for FEMA's Project Liberty and taught NYC Public School students for 29 1/2 years.

To contact Libby, please go to our contact page

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Deadline: 11/03/2014
An award to honor a professional librarian in the USA, Canada or Mexico for accomplishments reflecting the service goals of the library profession. The goals include free access to information for all, the encouragement of reading and the creation of incentives to increase use of books and...
Deadline: 11/03/2014
A grant is available to a USA public or private organization to support state programs ensuring proper health care for mothers and children as well as facilitating their receipt of medical insurance through new health insurance programs. As such, the grantee will develop, implement, and maintain...
Deadline: 11/03/2014
Grants are available to USA state and local government agencies, non-profits, universities, and others for projects that provide sustainable funding to innovative start-ups (under three years old) that have potential for high growth. Eligible projects will either provide capital to seed-funding...
Deadline: 11/03/2014
Grants are available to USA state and local government agencies, non-profits, universities, and others for business incubation centers, either physical or virtual, existing or new, that will help new innovative businesses develop proofs of concept and bring their products to market. Eligible...
Deadline: Ongoing
Grants to USA certified yoga teachers in all traditions who are seeking financial assistance to be able to offer the teachings of yoga to undeserved and under-resourced populations. These grants are intended to support quality projects that make yoga available to those who might not otherwise...
Deadline: Ongoing
Investments for USA for‐profit and non‐profit companies that have technology- or service-based solutions that help community health centers and clinics make their resources go further, increase patient access to care, and/or lower the cost of providing care. Through this initiative, the...

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